Ratnakara is an ancient term for “ocean” and “repository of jewels” came from Indian.  The two exclusive rituals are created by Ila, a beyond organic luxury skin care brand from England.

Central to Ila’s healing potential is the high natural energy present in each and every ingredient. The purity and the high levels of vibrational energy are absorbed by the skin, bringing powerful healing benefits to the subtle energies within our bodies. These exclusive rituals are focusing on the essence of Ratnakara’s authentic healing journey or the flow of chi, or energy meridians.


The Sea of Qi begins with an anti-inflammatory foot reflex sequence using a blissful body scrub and rose damascena body cream for glowing radiance. You are taken on a journey of fluidity where the whole body is encompassed with rhythmic massage movements. Cardamom and patchouli help open your energy centers and soothe your nervous system while jasmine and neroli encourage the continuity of flow and release of negativity. The warm Himalayan salt poultices enable the body to be receptive to healing. Sound then plays an important role in deepening this experience, promoting balance through the entire being.

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The ritual begins with an inner peace foot exfoliation and opening connection that helps quieten the mind and center the guest. A full body meridian flow massage with inner peace oil enables the release of physical tension, the activation of energy channels, the clearing of blockages while also bringing warmth and vitality to every part of the body. The main focus of this ritual is the application of an adaptogenic herbal pack which flushes the kidneys of all their impurities. The use of warm poultices on significant acupressure points along the central channel reduces stress and fear, balances the digestive system, boosts energy levels and calms the spirit. Zone therapy to the feet, hands and four central points closes the Gate of Vitality leaving you restored and at peace.

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This sublime treatment begins with a full-body massage using an exclusive oud oil blend to relax tired muscles and clear stressfrom the mind and body. The Samadara ultimate age defying premier facial is then performed using a sequence of anti-ageing techniques designed to reawaken the skin’s natural healing abilities.

A rose quartz crystal facial massage enables the powerful Samadara ultimate firmness and elasticity as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines. A truly indulgent series of treatments that combines deep relaxation with exceptional anti-ageing skincare results.

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This treatment increases the skin’s radiance using the intelligence of marine plant extracts. Beginning with a calming back massage with ancient Australian healing stones and crystals and luxurious oud oil, the treatment is then followed by a facial tailored to your unique skin type.

This is the perfect treatment to oxygenate, tone and revitalize the skin. This treatment is recommended for travellers, and provides great benefit to the skin by bringing back life and colour.

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