Author Topic: Business in Bahrain. Small overview and big discussion.  (Read 3206 times)

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Business in Bahrain. Small overview and big discussion.
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:40:53 AM »
Bahrain was the first country in the region to diversify away from oil and gas 40 years ago. Very early on Bahraon set in motion a series of initiatives to encourage industry sectors which can offer significant investment potential, based on Bahrainís natural and human resources, global market trends and regional demands.

Bahrain overall economic strategy is focused on the creation of high-quality jobs in skilled and sustainable industries.

Bahrain now have an established track record in a number of key sectors, with new sectors developing all the time. These sectors are financial services, manufacturing, business & professional services, information & communication technology and logistics.

Other sectors such as tourism, education and training and pharmaceuticals are also growing rapidly in Bahrain.

I suggest to talk about business in Bahrain in this topic.