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During the regular meeting for reviewing the performance of the Materials Engineering Directorate at the Ministry of Works, Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Services, Engineer Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al Khayyat stressed the importance of having unified, binding and reference standards. These standards aim at ensuring Quality Assurance in the Ministry's projects operating under a known programme for all concerned parties.

Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Services at the Ministry of Works also highlighted the need to have a neutral party to administer this programme.

Meanwhile, and during the meeting, there was a presentation by Director of Materials Engineering Directorate, Engineer Sameer Abdul Kareem Ofoony about the results of the programme’s processes.

Al-Khayyat said that the quality assurance programme launched in June 2011, by Minister of Works, Engineer Essam Khalaf, is a pioneering project for self-monitoring in the projects, for it was one of the initiatives activated in cooperation with Bahrain Excellence Center as an added value. This was through adopting the best practices and maximizing the benefit from the existing technical and engineering resources to strengthen partnership and integration with various parties to ensure that the materials and works are meeting the specifications, design requirements and maintaining relatively acceptable returns.

Al-Khayyat also added that there is a trained team of specialists and technicians in various areas, who are auditing and reviewing the quality’s plan for projects and key processes to ensure that the used works and materials are meeting the specifications and efficiency of the audit processes for quality carried out by the contractor.

Al-Khayat said that there are 25 main projects worth than 350 million dinars under this programme and covering roads sector, and construction projects in sustainable coordination with the concerned directorates through the project’s manager.

Engineer Sameer Abdul Kareem Ofoony said that in addition to the regular process and updating of the construction specifications through a sustainable committee chaired by the Assistant Undersecretary for technical services, and with participation of all the concerned directorates, the Material Engineering Directorate is administering all such processes.
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