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The Banyan Tree Bahrain
« on: May 30, 2013, 04:01:04 AM »
The Banyan Tree Bahrain is one of the main hotel and resort operators in Bahrain. The have established a superb hotel branch in Manama, which is incorporates modern architectural designs and traditional Arabian art. The Banyan Tree Bahrain is one of the most successful managers of luxury hotels and resorts in the Bahrain. 

The Banyan Tree Hotel at Al Areen, Manama is a fine example of their excellence in providing superb hotel services for tourists and locals in Bahrain. It is a testament of their unending desire to provide the best hotel. The hotel exudes a charm and elegance which is unsurpassed in Manama.

The whole hotel is a combination of 78 luxurious villas, 56 one-bedroom desert villas, each with 400 sq/m and 22 two-bedroom villas with 740 sq/m featuring open-air swimming pools, bath tubs and master bedrooms. It captures the style of Arabian upper-class home designs which is heavily influenced by Middle Eastern architecture. The interiors of each villa are furnished with elegant Arabian art which will make your stay truly epic.

The Hotel also provides amenities such as spas and a lot of it. Banyan Tree Bahrain maintains its resort-like feel by adding Spa pavilions, hydrothermal gardens and hydrotherapy area. The design of these spa pavilions are inspired by the gardens of Royal palaces in Arabia and the grandeur of Islamic art.

The Banyan tree Hotel offers other amenities aside from lots of spa, pools and hydrothermal garden such as fancy restaurants, bars and lounges. Also there is wellness and sport facilities for people who want to stay fit even in their vacations. One can also play in the hotelís two tennis courts, gymnasiums for male and female and a squash court. Also there is a kidís club for your children and a lot of banqueting facilities. You will find the tastes of Arabian cuisine in this hotel exquisite and exotic. They also provide the best hotel ambiance in Manama, as it totally recreates royal art in its finest. You will literally feel like the prince of Arabia as you stroll down its corridors full of exotic Arabian art. 

The Banyan Tree Bahrain is situated in this ancient island which many are claiming to be the actual site of the Garden of Eden. The artistic history of the decorations placed inside this grandiose hotel is unmatched by almost all hotels in the city. Visiting the Banyan Tree Hotel is a must for people who are planning to have their vacation in Manama, Bahrain.

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Re: The Banyan Tree Bahrain
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