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Expat Business Info for Bahrain
« on: May 07, 2014, 03:05:28 AM »
Expats working in Bahrain are placed in one of the prime business locations in the Middle East. If you’re thinking about giving your career a boost by working in Bahrain, check out the InterNations expat guide for information on topics from healthcare to business etiquette and the expat job market.

Taxation and Social Security in Bahrain

Taxation, or rather the absence of it, is one of the greatest benefits expats get out of working in Bahrain. With no personal income tax, no capital gains tax and no withholding tax, expats basically face zero deductions from their monthly salary. As foreigners do not qualify for most of the government’s social security schemes, there are very little expenses expenses on that front, either. Non-Bahraini employees pay 1% of their basic salary towards unemployment insurance, and their employers pay 3% of that salary into employment injuries insurance. The income ceiling is currently at BD 4,000 per month.

As if this weren’t enough, expats working in Bahrain are entitled to an end-of-contract payment when their assignment has come to an end. Depending on how long they have been working in Bahrain, this bonus can amount to a considerable sum of money.

However, the flipside of the coin is that Bahrain has no social security agreements with other countries. Some expats therefore continue contributions to social security in their normal country of residence, and most pay into a private or company pension fund.

Health Care in Bahrain

Bahrain has excellent health-care facilities. There is no shortage of hospitals (both public and private) and doctors, and unless you need highly specialized treatment, there’s no reason to return to your home country in case of illness. Doctors are highly qualified and can all speak English – in fact many of them are expats themselves, who work in Bahrain to enjoy the financial perks that come with it.

Although foreigners are not part of the social security system in Bahrain, they qualify for low cost health treatment offered through the public health system. However, most expats are either covered by their company’s private health insurance plan or take out an individual health insurance before they move to Bahrain. Health treatment can be very expensive if you go to one of the luxurious private hospitals, which can seem more like 5-star hotels.

The only time you might encounter problems is in an emergency situation. Ambulance services are not always available, and they may not have trained medical staff on board. It is therefore not uncommon to call a taxi instead of an ambulance if you need to get to the hospital quickly. Operators usually speak English, but it doesn’t hurt to at least know the Arabic word for emergency or for any chronic health condition you may suffer from.

Key Business Locations

Bahrain has several locations which were conceived with one thing in mind: attracting business. They are usually strategically placed, with excellent infrastructure and transport connections. Among them are:

    The Bahrain Financial Harbour is a unique development right in the center of the capital Manama. It is like a financial city within a city and combines a premium business location with residential and recreational developments on the waterfront.

    The Bahrain International Investment Park, a project of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, stands out due to its prime location: Situated in close proximity to Bahrain International Airport and the new Khalifa Salman Port, it was built to attract export-orientated businesses. It also benefits from a highway connection to Saudi Arabia via a 25km causeway connecting these two countries.

    The Bahrain Logistics Zone, operated by the General Organisation of Sea Ports in Bahrain, offers companies various on-site services to facilitate their operations. This includes an efficient customs process, a company registration office and various other amenities.

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