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Hi everyone
I am moving to Bahrain in the summer, with my wife and child, to start a new job. I would be very grateful if you could help with a few answers to my questions!

I think my place of work will be in Hamala, so I think I will most likely be living near by. Any advice into how the area is? What is there to do nearby?
Also, my son will be under the age of 1, what childcare options will there be?

I am thinking if buying a car but understand that it is fairly expensive to buy...could it be possible to buy from Dammam as I believe it is cheaper to buy from Saudi? How expensive are leasing options and insurance?

How easy is it for family to get visitors visas?

Thank you for any advice you can offer!


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any help is appreciated
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Hello Al!

Welcome to Bahrainside!

What about visas you can review the topic here:,1003.0.html

Hamala is quite good area but besides Grave hills I cannot recognize anything special.

What about your baby, there is Ajyaal Montessori school in Hamala but it is for children from 2 years to 5 years old. One of the best school - British school of Bahrain is aslo located  in Hamana.

I believe that everything will be ok with your baby.
However you must remember that it is very hot in Bahrain in summer.

What about a car - you can rent it for the first time.

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Re: any help is appreciated
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