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Export Car from Bahrain
« on: July 04, 2014, 02:57:30 AM »
Many people ask how to take a car our from Bahrain.
This is not very difficult and if everything is ok with your documents theres should not be any problems.

Please review the list of documents required for exporting car from Bahrain:

    Vehicle Registration card
    Insurance card
    Completed vehicle licencing form (same as re-taxing the car)
    Passport (possibly not required)
    Copies of passport and CPR.
    If car was purchased with a  bank loan a discharge letter will be required from the bank (could take three days)

The next question is Traffic Police.

First you need to go to vehicle inspection (inside main gate  same as annual inspection).  Go to Lane 3
    Car inspected and form stamped by inspector
    Take form to traffic offences section (main building right side door.  Take number from machine on entry and wait your turn.  Form stamped again (assuming no outstanding offences)
    Go to accident section (through corridor on right side).  Go to desk inside door and get form stamped again (assuming no outstanding accidents)
    Go to vehicle registration section.  Desk on left inside door to get form checked and be given a number.  Wait your turn.
    Certificate issue desk (right side of room) when you are called.  Form stamped again.  Go to cash desk (half way along back of room but no sign to say so) and pay BD51
    Return to Certificate Issue desk and get export licence and new ownership document marked for export
    Take certificate and payment receipt outside to small while hut near the main entrance (guys in orange tee-shirts under a sun-shade).  Go into hut and present receipt to person at counter.  Pay BD1 and get receipt.
    Take receipt to guys outside who will provide and fix export plates to your car.  Old plates are destroyed.
  That is all.

After these steps you can take the car from the country during two weeks.
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