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Art exhibition in Bahrain - don't miss
« on: October 20, 2014, 04:53:17 AM »
Don't miss new art exhibition in Bahrain 

Clear / Unclear by Jaffar Al Oraibi
October 13 to November 11
Bahraini artist Jaffar Al Oraibi is hosting a new exhibition at Al Riwaq this week which aims to deal with raw perceptions of human nature. ‘Clear / Unclear’ is a collection of artistic works, including paintings and writings, that attempt to question stagnant social perceptions by looking at feminine and masculine misconceptions based on an unstable state of mind that’s easily shaped and reshaped. In the works, he reacts aggressively to subtle issues as he presents the battle between strength and frailty.
Al Riwaq Art Space, Block 338, Adliya, (1771 7441).

Wanderings… by Faika Al Hassan
October 14 to November 4
Contemporary space Albareh Art Gallery is all set to launch Bahraini economist-cum-artist Faika Al Hassan’s new set of works which are, at the same time, poignant and fanciful. ‘Wanderings…’ is a set of paintings depicting neatly packing suitcases framed within the tight confines of an plane window. It’s meant to represent Faika’s own personal baggage; an exploration of her inner world of memories, hopes and fears that includes whimsical creatures and portraits throughout.
Albareh Art Gallery, Block 336, Adliya, (1771 7707).
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