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If you are fresh off the plane and it's your first time in Bahrain, here's an easy guide you could use to find out which place is more convenient to live.

First of all, choosing the most suitable location to live is something that depends on your personality, not to mention the capability of your finances.

Let's say you are an outgoing, you love to stay up at night, check new places, and enjoy the buzz of modern cities' lives. Then[], it's better to find yourself a home in Seef. Many malls are located there, cinemas, upmarket residences, restaurants, and getaways.

There are many displayed apartments for rent in Seef area, you can check the property listing websites to find the one that fit your expectations.

However, if you like to stay in seclusion and solitude away from noise, then you might like Hidd. The area is quiet, lofty, and it's also well-serviced. Rental prices there are cool also, you will definitely find something good in range.

If you are looking for a mix between both, a quiet place, but yet not very far from the center of the city, then you ought to consider Busaiteen district. It's calm, very convenient for family residence, and above all that, it's located in proximity to Manama's bustling areas like Juffair, Seef, and Hoora.
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Guide for new comers to Bahrain
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